Your reference picture note app.

Take a picture.
Hashtag it.
Find it instantly.


Stop scrolling through your camera roll, trying to find that wine you tried at Rachel's house the other night, that model number for the air filter you need to buy, the class notes your friend sent you, or the recipe you've been dying to try. #hashpic it so you find it the moment you need it.

Quickly snap a new picture or import an existing one. Add some hashtags to the picture. Find it later instantly by searching by hashtag.


  • Fast

    Super fast and easy. Tuned for performance everywhere.
  • Instantly Snap a Pic

    Opens ready to snap a picture faster than the default camera app.
  • Find Pics Instantly

    Your grid of pictures loads seamlessly and searching is instant.
  • Import Pics

    Have an existing picture or screenshot? Import them from your camera roll.
  • Share

    Export and share hashpics to your camera roll, text, email, etc.
  • Add notes

    Add additional notes to your hashpics.


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