UIView with Selective Borders

Want to do something like this? Or this? UIView lets you add a border on all edges easily like: myView.layer.borderWidth = 1.0f; myView.layer.borderColor = .CGColor; But CALayer does not support selective borders out of the box. That’s why I created a simple open source UIView subclass available on github here: … Read more

Pass touches through to underlying UIViews [iOS]

Sometimes there is a need to pass touches through to underlying layers. Consider the following app: We can accomplish the goal of getting the scroll view to receive the touches from the overlaid legend view in both the collapsed and expanded state using this simple and safe open source library. … Read more

Parental Gate For iOS Kids Apps

Here’s a quick and easy way to add a parental gate alert to your iOS kids apps: NAParentalGateAlert on github How it works: Prompts the user to answer a simple math question before proceeding. Uses a UIAlertView for the prompt and a block for the action. If the user answers … Read more