New app puts an end to lost photos in your camera roll.

New app puts an end to lost photos in your camera roll.


Do you take pictures of things you want to recall? Like a favorite new wine, a serial number, or a recipe? But now it’s a week or months later, and there you are endlessly scrolling through your camera roll and you just can’t find Mom’s dilly dip recipe?

Hashpic seeks to save you from losing your important reference photos. You simply snap a picture of something you want to remember and then add hashtags to it for quick discovery.
🔹No clogging up your camera roll, no endless scrolling
🔹 No time consuming organization.

You simply snap a pic, add one or more hashtags, and then you can find it instantly later. If you want to “group” things together, you can just choose a common hashtag, like recipe. Then when you want to find your Mom’s dilly dip recipe, search
#recipe #dip and there it is. Or just search #recipe to find all your stored recipes.

Hashpic is optimized for speed and ease of use. The app opens to the camera ready to snap a picture faster than the default camera. Pictures are optimized to not take up tons of space on your phone.  Searching is super fast and easy. Navigating the app is within reach of your thumb, so there is no painful finger stretching to the top of the screen.

If you have existing pictures that you want to tag, hashpic allows you to import them. Additional features include the ability to zoom in on pictures, rotate and crop, share them out, or even add additional notes.

If you like taking pictures of things to recall, which pretty much everyone does, save yourself the pain of losing them forever in your camera roll and add hashpic to your app tool belt.

Hashpic is available for iOS on the App Store for $1.99


Notable customer reviews:

(Kate S.-B.)
It has been such a life saver for Christmas!!! My daughter is with me almost everywhere I go. We’ll be out shopping and she’ll spot something she likes, or I’ll find something she might like. In the past I would try to find a way to distract her and purchase the item without her noticing. (She always noticed but was young enough that she’d quickly forget. Now at almost four there’s NO sneaking!) this year I just snap a pic and add #nattychristmas and #nattygift Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey! It has seriously saved my sanity this Christmas Season!!

This is by far my most-used app on my phone. I’m constantly using it to take pics of my daughter’s reminder’s board at school, I take pics of products in the store to price compare later, snap important info my prof puts on the whiteboard…I use it to save recipes so I can quickly pull them up when I’m at the store to buy the right ingredients…and so much more! I love that these types of pics are no longer crowding my camera roll and I have one place to find them. I don’t have to endlessly scroll through a million thumbnails anymore! It’s so fast that opening the app to snap a pic is quicker than opening my camera roll! When I see my friends taking pics of the bulletin board at our kid’s school I’m always sure to tell them to hashpic it so they can find it later!

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